Wet Felted Slippers

How to wet Felt Slippers using Resin Factory Shoe Lasts

The completed Slippers with the Wooden Shoe Last inserted. Alongside are the
Resin Factory Shoe Lasts. The image clearly shows that shrinkage took place, about
two shoe sizes. The Green Shoes Lasts are a size 8 //2 and the slippers are a size 6 1/2

Items Required:-

l or (2) Pairs Resin Factory Shoe Lasts - see note below
A quantity Merino Wool Roving
Hot Soapy Water (Grated Olive Oil Soap) preferably
Course Curtain Netting or Bubble-wrap.


This slippers were made using Resin Factory Shoe Lasts. It is always preferable to have two pairs of lasts. One pair should be two sizes larger than the required size of the slippers. I inserted a pair of wooden shoe lasts into the fully fulled and felted slippers. The wooden lasts were used only for shaping the slippers as they dried.
It can be very useful to have several pairs of these lasts if you intend making
several sizes for different size feet.
Remember that shrinkage is usually around two shoe sizes. This should be borne in mind
when purchasing shoe lasts for a project like this.

This Image below shows the Items needed for this Project

Begin the first of three layers by wetting the shoe last with hot soapy water

Cover the shoe last with merino wool fibers as shown

Wet with hot soapy water

Cover with a course piece of Curtain Netting which has fairly large holes and wet with hot soapy water.

Remove the netting and continue adding fibers to the rest of the Shoe Last as before.

Adding more wool fibers to the rest of the Shoe Last

Wet with hot soapy water, cover, rub and continue working around the Shoe Last.

One foot completed - another one being covered with Merino Wool Fibers.

Cover with netting and wet the fibers, rub and continue working around the Foot Last

Pull the Curtain Netting tight around the Shoe Last and Begin to Rub the Fibers firmly.
Keep checking the fibers below to make sure that they don't felt themselves to the
netting. Work all around the shoe until the fibers no longer move. This can take
quite a while.

The felted fibers seen here propped up against a Dish Cloth
This just makes it easier to work around the foot if you prop the Last up.

Layer two has now been completed.

Layer three - repeat previous steps as before.

The wet fibers after having removed the netting, continue as before.

Covering, wetting, rubbing as before.

Continue adding merino wool fibers

Cover with course curtain netting, wet and rub well

Having completed the three layers and rubbed the fibers until they are completely felted, cut a slip into the top of each slipper where the foot goes in and then plunge the Project into boiling hot water and then into cold water. Do this three or four times. Finally remove the Lasts from the Slippers, drop or hit the slippers onto a hard surface until they shrink back.

Rinse well until the water runs clear and then put the slippers back onto a pair of lasts two sizes smaller or stuff them with plastic bags to help them keep their shape as they dry.

Any questions - please feel free to ask.

I welcome your comments.

The Completed Slippers

A great alternative to resin shoe lasts, polystyrene shoe lasts which are available in many sizes and can be used in a washing machine or tumble dryer.