Welcome to sallybea.com

My love for photography began outdoors. I started by shooting insects in nature. Macro photography still remains one of my joys in life. The little critters soon learned how to find the way into my heart. I did not mind. It was because of them that I learned my craft. Looking into the eyes of a ladybug is something one never forgets and seeing an Aphid for the first time being devoured by a Ladybug was quite a revelation. Macro photography lets me view the world in a completely different way and where others appear only to see life on the 'big' picture I cannot help myself now from looking at the 'smaller' picture. I cannot walk past a bush now without seeing that glimmer of orange or a glisten of wings.

I shoot with a Nikon D300s coupled with a Sigma 105mm OS lens which is still my favorite lens.

My felting journey began a bit later and I have to admit it, I was hooked right from the start. I loved the idea of being able to transform a few woolen fibers into useful Art forms with just friction and a little hot soapy water. Be careful, this hobby can be addictive.

Wet felting is by no means an exact science. It can be frustrating and it can sometimes be a hit and miss affair, that is until one begins to understand the reasons for either success or failure. My aim now is to combine my photography, felting and writing skills to help others create beautiful and practical items in the shortest time.

I hope you will stay around to enjoy this felting journey. We have a long way to go.

I love hearing from my fellow Felt Makers. Please free to contact me on the contact page link above with your comments or queries.

Best wishes