How to Make a Wet Felted Poinsettia Flower

The Poinsettia is one of the world's most popular Christmas flowers. This Wet Felted Poinsettia would be equally at home on a Hat or on the Christmas tree. I hope you enjoy this Tutorial.

Some of the things which you will need to complete this Tutorial.

3 Poinsettia drawings on paper, please see images below. These should show the petals graded in size so as to give the Petals a 3d look when the flower is finished.

  • Bubble wrap
    A quantity of green wool roving
    A quantity of red wool roving
    A few pieces of yellow wool roving
    A quantity of very thin jewelry wire or similar
    A bamboo blind
    White computer paper for tracing the templates
    Mohair yarn for tracing the edges of the flowers.
    Hot soapy water, dish washing liquid or grated olive oil soap diluted in hot water


How to Make the leaves

Fold the wire as shown to form two frames for the leaves.

Cover the wire as shown using a length of thin green wool roving

The wire frames covered with green wool roving.

Fill the frame with the green wool roving

Wet the leaves and fold over any loose fibers.

Roll the leaves inside the bamboo blind until they are fully felted.

Draw the petal templates using white printer paper.

  • Draw 3 flowers, 1 large,1 medium and 1 small. It is possible to draw them from a drawing on your computer screen. Don't press hard! Use the zoom in, zoom out capability to get three different sizes from the one flower diagram.
    Put the 3 drawn templates under a sheet of bubble wrap.
    Take a long length of mohair yarn and drop it into the bowl of hot soapy water/ Use the wet yarn to trace the outline of the petals below the surface of the bubble wrap. This will keep the template dry and ready for another occasion!

    The flower template being traced out using the mohair yarn.

    Fill the petals with red wool roving

    Add a few petal veins using wet soapy mohair yarn

    Wet and cover the templates with bubble wrap, add a little surface water to the top of the bubble wrap and rub gently.

    Remove the bubble wrap and tidy the edges of the flowers with your fingers.

    Cover with bubble wrap and rub for a little longer.

    Put all three layers inside a bamboo mat and roll them together to save energy and time.

    One of the petals

    Three layers of the petals after they were rolled inside the bamboo blind

    Make the center of the poinsettia

    Take a small sliver of yellow wool roving and tie a knot in it. Wrap the excess wool around the ball, wet and roll on the bamboo mat.

    The knot which was tied in the wool roving and made wet using hot soapy water

    The yellow balls being rolled.

    Rinse the petals and the felt balls. I often leave them in the bamboo blind and rinse them while they are still inside using hot and then cold water.

    Thread a length of thin wire through the yellow balls using a sharp large-eyed needle and then fold the wire in half.

    Assemble the pieces together

    Assemble the petals and the stamens. Push the wires through each petal using the wires from the stamens.

    Add the second layer of petals

    Add the 3rd layer of petals

    Attach the leaves and the stem and twist the wool covered stems and the wire ones together.
    You may like to add a further layer of green wool roving to the stem but twisting a little around the wires. Wet with hot soapy water and rub the roving until all of the wires are fully felted together.

    Cup the flower in the palm of your hand and shape the damp petals as desired.

    The completed poinsettia

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