How to make wet felted soaps in a tumble dryer

Wet felted soaps which were made in a Tumble Dryer

A little about this project.

I devised this method so that I could minimise the effort required to make a lot of wet felted soaps by hand.

First the foam 'cushions' are created, their function is to cushion the soaps while they are spinning around in the tumble dryer. These cushions can be used time and time again. The aim should be to first cover the soaps with merino fibers and then tumble dry them together.

Tumble dry as many soaps as you have made 'cushions' for, but always ensure that you have left sufficient space for the soaps to be able to tumble in the dryer. It is this movement which will determine the successful outcome of your project. Keep on checking the contents inside the 'cushions', open up the stockings and do a pinch test to ensure that the fibers have felted together properly.

When the soaps are ready, dip them first into very, hot water and then into cold water. Do this several times, rinse the soaps again under cold water and pat them dry with a towel.

Leave the soaps on a radiator to dry out fully and complete each soap by creating a label for each one.

Begin by making the 'cushions' for the soaps and then proceed with the next stage, putting the merino fibers down onto the soaps.

Things you will need to complete the first part of this Tutorial

A bar of Dove soap or soap, or soap of your choice.

A piece of foam which has been recycled from an old cushion. This will become the protective layer for the soaps whilst they are in the tumble dryer.

A pair of sharp scissors

A Sharp knife, or an electric carving knife

A long metal ruler


Recycled foam cushion, about 2 inches thick.

Preparing to remove a section of the foam. The soap will rest within this hole
when the soap is spinning around within the tumble dryer.

Place a bar of soap on the cushion and cut a long strip from the foam cushion.
Leave at least an inch on each side.

Use a long sharp knife to cut rows into the foam to a depth of about 1/2 inch

Remove the foam strips using a pair of sharp scissors.

Items required to complete this section of the Tutorial:-

Two bowls, one containing very hot water and one with cold water.

A bar of Dove soap or soap of your choice

Elastic bands

Merino wool roving suitable for wet felting

A cut-off piece of stockings or tights

A small squeeze bottle containing a little hot water and a little
dish-washing liquid

A small piece of bubble-wrap, you may wish to use this to felt the
soap on instead of using a tumble dryer.

Merino wool roving, squeeze bottle, cut-off tights, and Dove soap bar.

The wet soap, squeeze bottle and bowl of hot water.

Dip the Dove soap into the hot water, this is to help the woolen fibers stick to the soap.

Dove soap, bowl of hot water, squeeze bottle containing hot soapy water

Add fibers to the side of the soap, damp down as you move around the soap.

Add an even layer of fibers to the surface of the Dove Soap.

Fibers being added to the surface of the Dove soap.

Wet merino wool fibers being folded back to the other of the soap bar.

Wet fibers being folded over to the second side of the soap.

Wet fibers fold over and the second side waiting to be completely covered in woolen fibers.

Fill in any uncovered soap, wet and smooth down the wet fibers.

Layer 2

Repeat the first layer, covering the sides with woolen fibers.

Merino wool fibers covering the 1st layer of fibers.

Merino wool fibers covering the soap from length to length

2 Merino wool covered layers and a piece of wool roving.

Put the cut-off tights onto one hand, place the soap on your hand and pull the tights over the wet felted soap.

Knot the stocking with a slip knot for easy removal when required.

Put the covered soap into the cavity of the foam and fold the foam in half.

Using the elastic bands secure the foam ready for putting into the tumble dryer.

The completed soaps after fifteen minutes in the tumble dryer.

Plunge into very hot water and then into cold water. Do this 2 or 3 times, rinse under cold water and pat dry with a towel.

Place on a radiator to dry.

Complete with a label or wrap in cellophane paper and add a ribbon and label.


Photo comment By Rosemary dunbar: Looks very interesting will ha ve to give it a go

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