How to Wet Felt a Fedora Hat on a Hat Shaper

Items Required

1 Fedora Hat Shaper
Black Merino wool roving or wool batts
Hot soapy water (Grated Olive Oil soap or diluted dish washing liquid)
A large heavy duty bamboo mat
An old towel for collecting any excess water
A waterproof table top. (I use a marble table top)
Curtain Netting


Step 1

Cut a square template measuring 36 inches from a piece of plastic floor underlay or bubblewrap. I used a piece of Pickford Van Removals plastic packaging.

Step 2

If using wool roving, open out the fibres like this you have a thin layer which can be put down over the whole width of the plastic template.

Repeat this once more but lay the fibres down in the opposite direction to the first layer.

Add a final layer of wool roving where the fibres are plucked from a length of roving in the usual way and put down in a neat layer to cover the previous 2 layers.

The plastic template covered in three layers of wool fibres.

Step 3

Cover the woolen fibres with a piece of curtain netting. Wet and smooth down the wool right up and until the edges of the plastic template.

Step 4

Remove the curtain netting from the wet woolen fibres.

Step 5

Turn the template over

Step 6

Fold over the wet edges.

Step 7

Remove the template, being careful not to disrupt the fibres. Fold the fibres in to make a neat square.

The neat square with the edges tucked in and folded over.

Step 8

Roll inside the heavy duty bamboo blind until the fibres have knitted together.
They will not be completely felted at this stage.

Step 9

Roll in four different directions so as to maintain even shrinkage throughout the project.

Step 10

Rolling the project. Change the direction of each roll.

Step 11

The fedora Hat Shaper placed on the felt square

Step 12

Drape the Fedora Hat Shaper with the wet felted square

Step 13

Rub the hat using hot soapy water and a folded sheet of bubblewrap.
Continue to do this until the top part of the hat shrinks against the Hat Shaper.

Step 14

Put an elastic band around the hat when the top half of the hat has been shaped.

Step 15

Trim the hat a little to make working on the hat easier.

Step 16

Cut the brim edge neatly and rub the edges with hot soapy water using the bubblewrap.

Rinse the hat well under a tap using hot and cold water and then give the hat a final rinse using diluted vinegar water. Pat dry and then allow the hat to dry in a warm well-ventilated spot.

Attach a Nuno Felted Hat Band using a strip of silk with fibres added to both sides.
Shrink in the usual way.

The completed Hat.

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