How to Make a Wet Felted Coin Purse Inside a Tumble Dryer

The Wet Felted Coin Purse

In this Tutorial the Tumble Dryer is going to do all the hard work which is so often associated with the process of Wet Felting.

This Tutorial features only one purse but it is possible to make multiple Purses at the same time. Prepare all the balls at one sitting and put them into the tumble dryer together. Not only will you save electricity but you will increase productivity and save time and energy at the same time.

For those of you who would like to make multiple small items to sell at Craft Fairs, these little Coin Purses are extremely popular. They are my Best Sellers by far!

The little Purses are not only cute but they are inexpensive to make as they use very little wool.

The little Polystyrene Balls can be used over and over again in the Tumble Dryer.

The Holiday Season is approaching, now is the ideal time to get started!

Why not surprise your friends and family with one of these cute little Purses inside their Christmas Stocking.

Things you will need to complete this Project.

A Bamboo Mat or a similar surface on which to roll the Balls. (Bubble Wrap)
A Wool Batt of your own choice.
A Short length of White Wool Roving which should be opened up and folded around the ball.
A small bowl filled with Hot Soapy Water (Dish Washing Liquid)
A 25 cm Polystyrene Ball
A Small 22 cm Polystyrene Ball
This will be the actual size of the completed purse and is shown here as an example
of the size. It will not be used in the Project.
A Small Silver or Bronze Metal Kiss Purse Frame which can be found on my Felting Resources Page.
A Needle and Thread threaded with matching Embroidery Cotton
A Few Elastic Bands or a roll of Cling Wrap to secure the Balloon inside the Purse.
A Few Party Balloons.
A Tumble Dryer

This Project can be completed without a Tumble Dryer!
A lot of rubbing and rolling which is associated with the Felting Process will be needed, though, especially if you are making more than one Purse at a time.

2 Polystyrene Balls Side by side showing the difference in size (Expected Shrinkage)

The Smaller of the 2 Polystyrene Balls

The larger of the 2 Polystyrene Balls

Luscious Wool Batts from which the Coin Purses were made. They are a mix of Merino Wool Roving, Silk and Metallic Thread.

An image which was taken from the other side.

A few of the Items that will be needed to complete the Project

Wet the Polystyrene Ball in the Bowl of Hot Soapy Water.

Wrap the Polystyrene Ball inside a length of Wool Roving which has been opened out.
Dip the ball carefully into the water and compress the Fibres against the Polystyrene Ball using the palms of your hand.

The Wet Fibres pressed against the Ball

Cover the Ball using a chunk of Fibre taken from the Wool Batt

Wet the Batt Layer as before, compress the wool as before in the previous layer.
Roll firmly on the Bamboo Blind until the surface is smooth.

Put the Project inside a pair of cut-off Tights.

Knot both ends of the Tights so that the Project can be extracted with ease. Put the Project into the Tumble Dryer for about 5 minutes.

Extract the Purse from the Tights and put back into the Tumble Dryer for a futher 5 Minutes.

Cut the Purse opening using a small pair of sharp Scissors.
The cut should be about 5 cm long, just sufficient to make it possible to remove the Ball. It is better to have a small opening than a large as the small one can be made larger should the need arise.

Insert a Party Balloon which has been partly filled with water into the cavity.

Blow a little air into the Balloon, just enough to almost fill the space there but leave a gap to allow for shrinkage while it is in the Tumble Dryer.

When Using the Tumble Dryer only allow the Project to stay inside for 5 minutes at a time before checking the contents. If you leave it too long the stocking may attach itself to the Ball. Don't panic if it does, all is not lost, simply peel the Tights off the felt.

Return the Project to the Tumble Dryer for a total of 20 minutes, 5 minutes at a time.

This image shows the gap which was left to allow for shrinkage.

Close firmly with an Elastic Band.

Check the size of the Metal Purse Frame against the Project to make sure that enough shrinkage has taken place.

The Ball wrapped in Cling Wrap before it goes into the Tumble Dryer. You may substitute the Elastic Bands. I recently discovered that the Wrap performs well under these circumstances.

The Coin Purse showing the shrinkage which took place.

The Metal Purse Frame being placed on the rinsed Coin Purse

Sew on the Metal Kiss Frame using a Needle threaded with Embroidery Thread.

The still wet Coin Purse being displayed on a bed of Teesdale Curls

Purse Frames can be purchased from Amazon on my Resource Page.

I hope you enjoyed this Free Wet Felting Tutorial.
Please take the time to comment, especially if you enjoyed this Tutorial.


Photo comment By Sue: Hi thanks for this post it's fab...could you tell me what size purse clasp I need to get thanks

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