Getting creative with sushi mats/A 3d felted flower tutorial

3d felted flower tutorial, so quick and so easy, just ingenious. I am so glad it was me who thought of it first.

Items required to complete this project:-

A small quantity merino wool roving in colors of your choice
4 Sushi mats
A pair of scissors
Hot soapy water (grated olive oil diluted in hot soap water is kind to the hands)
A small squeeze bottle.

Items required to complete this project, wool roving, sushi mats, a pair of scissors.


Cut a hole into three of the sushi mats. The piece of yellow roving shown below will become the central core for the 3D flower.

This image shows a piece of merino wool roving which has been pulled through the first sushi mat.

Put five petals down onto the sushi mat which has no hole cut into it.

Add a little decoration as shown.

Fold the end of the yellow roving into a little ball and place it onto the center of the flower. The fibers should felt together with the petals to form the central core for the 3D flower.

Fold the sushi mat. It will reveal the central core sticking out through the sushi mat. Continue adding petals to the second layer of the flower as shown below.

The second row of petals with the central core sticking out. Add additional fibers if they look insufficient.

A few more yellow fibers being added to strengthen the central core.

The additional yellow fibers.

Adding the next layer of petals.

Adding the decorative layer to the petals.

Curve the fibers into a ball and add a little color

Adding a little color to the central core.

Sushi Mat, hot soapy water and elastic bands

Cover the layers and wet with hot soapy water.

Remove the top Sushi mat and then roll up all the layers carefully and seal
with elastic bands.

Place the roll on a towel and wet the fibers thoroughly with hot soapy water.

After rolling for several minutes check to see if the fibers have begun to felt together.

Check the layers carefully to see that each layer is felted.

Checking the layers.

Separating the layers and checking the fibers below.

If the layers are stuck to the sushi mat gently pull the petals away with your fingers.

Once removed from the mat, the flower will be 3D but flat. Hold the flower in the palm of your hand and using the back of a wooden spoon, wrap the petals around the wooden spoon and put an elastic band on the back of the flower as shown below. It can be stitched together with a few stitches.

Wrap an elastic band tightly around the end of the flower.

A view of the flower before inserting it into the very hot water.

Using a wooden spoon insert the flower into the very hot water.

Put the flower into very cold water.

Repeat the hot water

Report the cold water.

The rinsed flower sitting on a sushi mat.

Throw the flower onto a hard surface to complete the fulling process.

Shape the petals and allow them to dry.

The completed 3D wet felted flower


Photo comment By terryaki chicken: Love it!
Photo comment By cecily: I like the way this technique looks but i am curious about what you do with the big blub from the rubber band and how attach to a hat for example?

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